Fund Raising

5th Annual Clark Cougars Hit-A-Thon

What: The 2016 Clark Cougars Annual Hit-a-thon
When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: The O (Ron Oester Field) behind Withrow HS

• Each Student-Athlete will participate in a batting practice session in which they will be allowed to let it rip. Players will get 10 pitches to hit the ball as long as they can. The longest hit ball is measured and determines the donation distance.
• We will take the length (in feet) of the players longest hit and multiply it by the amount of your pledge.
Example of a $0.10 per foot pledge : (300 foot hit) x (10 cent pledge) = $30.00 donation to the program
• Each Student-Athlete has a goal to raise 100 cents in pledges/donations minimum. Flat donations are also accepted.
• Students that meet 100 cents in pledges (minimum of $200 total raised) are provided their 2013 Player Packs with no additional costs (Hats, socks, belts, Long Sleeve Tee, Short Sleeved Tee, Sweat Pants, Shorts, Windbreakers and Hitting Shirts). Players failing to make the $200 threshold will be responsible for the difference.
• Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 fundraisers in the program.

It’s easy; just fill out the players sponsorship form with your information. Indicate the amount you would like pledge per foot. The player will contact you during the week following the event to share with you the distance of his longest hit and the amount of the donation. If you would like to make flat donations, please indicate and provide that amount to the player. The player will make arrangements to collect the final amount.

The Clark Cougars Baseball Program is very excited about this year’s Hit-a-Thon. As we all know, public school budgets are shrinking and athletic budgets are always the first item that is cut. The funds raised from the “Hit-a-Thon” are essential to remaining competitive with the private and public schools of our conference. As we enter 2013 as the reigning back-to-back Miami Valley Conference Grey Division champs, we look to capitalize on the success and momentum achieved last season. The Clark Cougars baseball program is committed to doing whatever it takes to put ourselves in the best position to succeed.
The main goal of the Hit-a-thon is to provide the members of the Clark Cougars baseball program with an unprecedented High School baseball experience that is not typically seen within the Cincinnati Public School system. More specifically, the donations earned through the Hit-a-thon will go to purchase new equipment/training tools, facility maintenance and improvements, to provide players with uniform components, and to provide top notch instruction. Players that meet their fundraising goals are also provided the player packs at no additional charge. The goals we have set will not come easy, but we consider ourselves very lucky to have the support of the school, parents, and the Clark community and hope to continue building a top notch program. Thank you for your consideration and Go Cougars!


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